Our Process:

“ Free Holistic Energy Feasibility Study” for your Building.

We perform a complete “Holistic Sustainable Overview” on your building in which we can help reduce your day-to-day operating costs, control your raising utility expenses, and increase your profit margins without extra costs.

Save Operating Expenses without Capital Expenses.

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with you, we narrow the possibilities to suit your requirements:

  1. We review the building’s energy consumption.

  2. Create a customized energy plan for the best combination of renewable energy sources and building upgrades.

  3. Optimize financing options.

then we fine-tune and build:

  1. If you agree with the solar plan,  a development agreement is signed.

  2. We finalize design, cost and financial options for your commercial solar project.

  3. Contracts are prepared and signed.

  4. Engineering, Permitting, Procurement and Construction of the upgrades and the commercial solar project.

now, enjoy the savings:

  1. We can implement operations and maintenance.

  2. You will see the cost benefits immediately