Using All Possible Energy Efficiency Solutions

Your company's requirements are unique. We want to offer the best combination of upgrades as the solution for your building facility.


When do you need...

Solar Photovoltaic?

All the time! Because of the financial benefits, it is difficult to explain when your company can NOT use solar!

Battery Storage?

  1. Whenever your company's utility bill has high demand charges that are greater than 500kW.

  2. When your company needs electricity even when the utility grid has a black-out.

fuel cell?

Whenever your company has a high electric base load but little space to install solar photovoltaics.

solar thermal?

Whenever your company has high heating requirements.

led lighting?

  1. Whenever your company's utility bill is dominated by lighting charges

  2. Whenever your company has large parking lot

new Cool roof?

Usually every 25 years. With a new roof, our roof warranty will cover another 25 years.

HVAC or Water Pumps?

Whenever you existing system is greater than 25 years and can no longer be re-conditioned.