Holistic Solutions for Sustainable Energy

We care about the “Entire Energy Efficiency” of the building you own. We can provide funding options with “No Upfront Cost” for the Solar and other upgrades as Battery Storage, HVAC, LED’s, EV’s, (Cool)Rooftop, & Energy Efficiency Measures for your building and then take advantage of the Federal ITC 30% credit, accelerated depreciation & other rebates.

Now you will save money , control costs and have your very own Green Renewable Energy Power Plant providing electricity at no cost. Your building will increase in value

Note: Federal ITC 30% Credit will be reduced and expired by end of 2019!


Your company’s requirements are unique. We want to offer the best combination of upgrades as the solution for your building facility.

LED Lightning?

Whenever your company's utility bill is dominated by lighting charges Whenever your company has large parking lot

New Cool Roof?

Usually every 25 years. With a new roof, our roof warranty will cover another 25 years.

HVAC Or Water Pumps

Whenever you existing system is greater than 25 years and can no longer be re-conditioned.

And More...

All Possible Energy Efficiency Solutions!

Our Core Values

We provide holistic energy solutions for non-profits and commercials!

How To Increase The Building's Value Without Cost?​

Wrap all the upgrades you need into a Alpha Energy System at no cost
Pay for the Electricity generated by Solar
Save because this will be cheaper than your current utility bill
The building upgrade costs are included in your new monthly payment
Recommended Energy Efficiency Measures Audit if needed

What Upgrades Are Possible?

PV Solar System
Commercial Battery Storage
EV Charging Stations
New Building (Cool) Roof
HVAC Air-conditioning
LED Lighting
Back-up Power Generators
Building improvements.

Let Us Help You